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Elements of Power Yoga Presents:

Going PRO

An online mentorship program for Yoga Teachers who graduated from a 200HR training and don’t feel confident teaching in the real world.

About the Program

Build Confidence Fast with Professional Mentorship

Most teacher trainings have become watered-down and are filled with gaps that prevent graduating students from receiving the proper training needed to go out into the world and teach yoga.

The purpose of this program is to fill those gaps and increase your confidence as a yoga teacher!


You will learn:

  • How to teach a safe, smart, and creative power yoga class
  • The art of vinyasa yoga sequencing
  • The art of communication to all levels of students
  • Anatomy as it pertains to injury prevention
  • Verbal cueing of movements and alignment
  • To teach with immediate feedback from Paul and senior teachers
  • The business of yoga and how to teach online

Weekly Masterclasses:

Professional Yoga Training Masterclasses (2-2.5hours each)

Delivered to you by one of the most well-respected Yoga Teachers at the world-renowned Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, Paul Teodo and senior teacher Byron de Marsé.

Anatomy & Injury Prevention Masterclasses (1-1.5hours each)

Delivered to you by internationally recognized Physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist, Michael Henri.

Our trainings are extremely comprehensive, and are designed to provide the student with the confidence to go out into the world and teach yoga professionally. 

You can also expect to have a massive shift in your physical asana practice. Our graduates have extremely high rates of success in their careers. Some of them have already opened up their own studios!!

Rooted in vinyasa/power yoga principles, this program will have a large emphasis on yoga asana by way of sequencing, teaching methodology, anatomy & injury prevention, and practice teaching.

Professional Sequencing

Sequencing is in our opinion the single most important aspect of teaching an effective asana class. These MasterClasses will have a significant amount of time spent on sequencing of classes.  We will give you a template that will allow you to teach a STRONG, SAFE class…every time.  Once you are familiar with our template, you will have room to be creative and make your sequences your own. 

Injury Prevention

You must be able to guide your students safely into, or out of, poses, as necessary. Many of your students will come to class as beginners or with old injuries. It is the Yoga instructor’s responsibility to ensure the safety of each student. We will teach you the need-to-know anatomy to prevent injuries from happening, and also how to support someone who already has one.

Teaching Methodology

Learn HOW to teach from Paul and other senior teachers who have taught upwards of 5000 yoga classes.  We have taught 60, 75, 90 minute classes all over the world to different bodies and experience levels.  We have had success in extremely competitive markets, and continue to teach public classes full-time. We have built classes from 2-3 people to 50+. Learn what it takes to present yourself in an ultra-professional fashion, and to make an impact on your students. 

Practice Teaching

We are what we repeatedly do–Aristotle.  Confidence will be built through repetition.  In order to get good at teaching yoga, you have to TEACH YOGA.  This series will have significant time spent on practice teaching, with real-time feedback LIVE from Paul and other master teachers.  

Going PRO is registered as a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider (YACEP). Meaning, you’ll receive a 30-Hour Certificate of Completion for your Yoga Alliance Continued Education hours.

About the teachers

Experience and Expertise

Going PRO is led by by one of the most respected yoga teachers from the world renowned Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, Paul Teodo, and internationally recognized Physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist, Michael Henri.

Paul Teodo (E-RYT)

Paul Teodo is a yoga and meditation teacher and musician from the USA. Paul received his YTT certification through YogaWorks, studying under David Kim and Jesse Schein. Upon graduation, Paul was immediately offered a slot at Bryan Kest’s world famous studio in Santa Monica.

Paul spent 5 years there, and at other studios in LA building a reputation as one of the best young teachers in Los Angeles. He continued to study with senior teachers Sara Ivanhoe, Travis Eliot, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, and meditation under Dr. Lorin Roche.

Paul has taught approximately 5000 yoga classes. He was named the #1 Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles in 2016 by the Culture Trip. In 2017 he moved to Indonesia with his wife and got hired at the world famous Yoga Barn in Ubud.

He currently leads workshops, classes and retreats all over the world, teaches a full schedule in Bali, and has released 2 albums of instrumental meditation music.

Michael Henri (RYT, MPty, BHK)

Michael is senior Physiotherapist and yoga teacher from Canada. He has worked in public and private practices, hospitals, and orthopedic clinics in several countries all over the world.

Michael received his YTT certification through the Elements of Power Yoga school, studying under Paul Teodo, Byron De Marse, and Leah Santa Cruz in 2020. 

During his training, Michael led the anatomy and biomechanics lessons as a student/teacher, and immediately upon graduation was asked to join the Elements of Power Yoga school as the injury prevention specialist.

Michael’s #1 priority is relating anatomy back to yoga so that alignment, cueing and sequencing makes sense and can be more easily remembered. 

He focuses on simplicity and avoiding the unnecessary by teaching you only what you need to know.

Byron de Marsé (E-RYT)

Born and raised on an Oklahoma cattle ranch, Byron was destined to believe that simplicity is the key component of happiness. After losing his father at a pivotal time and experiencing a traumatic spiral of events he was introduced to yoga. A strong and deep spiritual connection was realized shortly thereafter.

After his YTT certification under senior teachers Rudy Mettia and Travis Eliot in 2010, he immediately started teaching at Bryan Kest’s world famous Power Yoga studio and still does. He continued his education with Schuyler Grant and Wanderlust in Hollywood. He now has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience along with leading several retreats around the world with Paul Teodo.

The four major points he stresses in class are proper alignment, mindfulness of physical limits, deepness of breath, and calmness of mind. Anyone practicing with him will experience an increase mental and physical awareness and well-being.

Read What Our Past Students Have to Say

Paul is very pleasant and caring. You can tell her cares a lot about ensuring everyone was having a good experience in the training. Yet, at the same time, he was very professional.

“Michael is professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about anatomy to a degree that really engaged me in the content. Literally the last time that I had taken an anatomy course was in high school and it was taught in such a boring way that I really didn’t retain much of the content. Michael’s practical way of teaching really brought a new sense of awareness to my physiological understanding.”

“Byron is amazing. He has the ability to create such a safe and open space for people to get vulnerable and fail and grow and learn together. He is so sensitive, intuitive, personal, supportive while still critiquing and pushing you to improve. His feedback is incredible/priceless. The passion and patience for yoga and teaching is so evident. ”

“What I liked the most was the technical nature of instructing the poses, this has been the single most consistent feedback that I’ve received from the people that I’ve taught so far.”

“Like the practical part of teaching most. Like teacher’s correction and feedback. Through feedback I can really see where I can improve.”

“This training fully embodies the meaning of yoga. Paul, Byron, Michael and all the master classes were exceptional.”

Michael’s energy is so warm, positive, inviting. Love that guy! I have medical background so I know how hard it is to “speak english” when you’re so immersed in medical/anatomical jargon and felt he bridged this very well, without dumbing it down/oversimplifying too much.

“Paul communicates a lot in a very concise, clear way with warmth, sincerity and and a great passion for the subject. His enthusiasm is very contagious and one always leaves his class feeling inspired and motivated.”


  • You’ve completed your 200HR Yoga Teacher Training with a registered school of the Yoga Alliance.
  • You want to teach yoga professionally, and/or you want to improve your personal practice.
  • You’ve said or thought things like:

“I don’t feel ready to teach.”
“I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing.”
“I wasn’t able to practice teaching enough”
“I fell behind in my learning/teaching”
“I haven’t caught up to the other teachers”
“Maybe teaching yoga isn’t for me”


  • You’re not interested in teaching yoga.
  • You’re brand new to vinyasa/power yoga.
  • You’re not interested in developing your own personal practice.
  • You’re not interested in learning, growing and/or developing as a yoga teacher.
  • You’re hypersensitive to constructive criticism. 
  • You’re not able to:

→ Show up on time
Work hard towards a goal
Dedicate 5+ hours a week to that goal

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Masterclasses are there, and how long are they?

There will be 12 live masterclasses, 2 each week for the 6 weeks. Each class will range from 2-2.5 hours, and will be a combination or yoga classes, lectures, Q and A, and practice teaching.

What is the time commitment?

You are expected to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per week to this program in order receive your certificate of completion with the Yoga Alliance Continued Education Program.

What are the pre-requisites to join this program?

Completed a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training, or minimum 3 years of vinyasa/power practice and knowledge of the foundational poses.

Which days of the week / what times are the Masterclasses?

Dates have not been confirmed for our next training. However, all masterclasses are scheduled to accommodate every time zone.

All masterclasses will be recorded and accessible through the mentorship platform.

What if we miss a live session?

We highly recommend you attend classes live as much as possible. However, all classes will be recorded and accesible on the mentorship platform if you miss one.

Is there a test in order to pass?

No, but you must complete all videos, and we highly recommend attending a minimum of 50% of them live.

What if I did my 200Hour training in another discipline, like Hatha or Ashtanga?

The techniques here will be beneficial to anyone who wants to teach a modern yoga class in hatha, gentle vinyasa, beginners, or power.